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GrindFace Apparel is a clothing brand that represents many facets of life. The word grind means the dedication and perseverance that an individual has to achieve their goals in life. To wake up everyday and work hard to accomplish your objective is the definition of GrindFace. As in life there are many forms of Grinders, from students, inspiring rappers, lawyers, doctors, pastors, athletes, to an everyday 9 to 5 employee trying to secure their future.

So take your game face off and put your GrindFace on.
GrindFace Apparel has different series tailored to diverse individuals that represents their unique grind.
• Street Series • Spiritual Series • Skate Series • Knowledge Series • Fitness Series • New Era Series • Casual Series

dedication and perseverance that an individual has to achieve their goals in life

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Our online store is very secured with credit card processing with First Data LP Service and Paypal option is also available. Our turn around service is also great.

Its many other brands out there, but not one like GrindFace which we got total control what we develop. From the designs to the color of each design. Everything we got is available at wholesale price for all retail stores and selected individuals. Contact Mr.Mayo at (920)474-6333 or GrindFace.Apparel@gmail.com

Promotional Program consist of getting items at 50% off the retail price. Heres how it works you must get a dozen tee all one size, select what designs and colors. Email your order, we will put it together. Then we will send you a payment link with paypal. Once payment clear your package will be in the mail with a tracking number.

This program is being offer for a limited time.

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A GrindFace Mindset is a mindset that creates motivation and productivity in the worlds of business, education, sports, or just in your everyday life. Developed through dedication and hard work, brains and talent are just the starting point. You must have the attitude and believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Every champion has a GrindFace with a GrindFace Mindset.

GrindFace Mindset

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