GrindFace Apparel is a clothing brand that represents many facets of life. The word grind means the dedication and perseverance that an individual has to achieve their goals in life. To wake up everyday and work hard to accomplish your objective is the definition of GrindFace. As in life there are many forms of Grinders, from students, inspiring rappers, lawyers, doctors, pastors, athletes, to an everyday 9 to 5 employee trying to secure their future. So take your game face off and put your GrindFace on.
GrindFace Apparel has different series tailored to diverse individuals that represents their unique grind.
• Street Series
• Spiritual Series
• Skate Series
• Knowledge Series
• Fitness Series
• New Era Series
• Casual Series

How did you come up with the name?
I spent many days brainstorming on a name for my company. I knew I wanted to use the word Grind because that is what I did everyday. Then I realized everyone else was also on the grind no matter what area in life they were in. My son was in travel basketball and they always used the term “Game Face” when they meant business. After pondering on the term “Game Face” it hit me, GrindFace. I wanted to incorporate my grind with my brand, and when you witness someone on the grind, they too mean business.

Who does GrindFace Target?
We are targeting everybody, from kids to adults. Every individual is grinding to achieve something in life. We figured we would motivate everyone by giving them something that individually represents them.

Who is the Man Behind GrindFace?
I was born and raised in Pomona, Ca. I was brought up in the rough streets of Pomona without my father and became a teen father at the age of 16. Even though I became a teen parent I didn’t let that stop me, he continued to go to class with his child and ultimately received his high school diploma. He spent years lost in life taking care of his family, not knowing how to achieve the American Dream. He wanted something better for his family, so he enrolled into college and received an A.A in Graphic Designs. He started his own Graphic Business called “ d Mayo Designs “. Business was slow and he wasnt making much money so he went back to school to get his B.A. in Visual Communication to expand his business. After doing graphics for several years he decided this graphics was not it. In order to make big dollars he would need a product. So the vision of a clothing brand was his next step, and the rest is history.

Why you never show your face?
It is not about me, nor what I look like. It is about the product and the consumer. I am not looking for any fame but rather fortune. Do you know the man behind Gucci?
I am not looking for recognition or approval from people. I got a phenomenal product and need to get it to the world to secure my family’s American Dream.